Warranty And Shipping Policy

Product warranty conditions
AN TRAN PLASTIC warrants the product against technical errors that do not meet quality standards and errors of the manufacturer or during transportation to the delivery location (If AN TRAN PLASTIC is responsible for transportation).
Cases are not covered by warranty
  1. Do not present warranty card when repairing.
  2. The information on the warranty card is incomplete and does not match the actual product.
  3. Errors due to transportation, natural disasters, use of chemicals, or products falling or colliding due to external forces.
  4. Errors are due to improper installation, use, and storage, or failure to follow the instruction manual or warnings shown on the product.
  5. Errors due to natural wear and tear during use or due to inappropriate environmental conditions where the product is placed.
Aims to create favorable conditions during the ordering and product delivery process for customers.
We would like to introduce the following regulations regarding delivery and receipt:
1. Delivery policy
Customers can receive goods at our store or at your requested delivery address.
In case customers want to receive goods elsewhere (production works, etc.), we will deliver them to your door using the services of shipping companies.
We have many shipping methods to deliver goods to customers such as Giaohangtietkiem, GHN Express, Ahamove,… and will continue to update more shipping units in the near future.
2. Pick-up policy
After receiving the goods, you are responsible for checking the goods.
Please notify the delivery staff immediately if there is any damage, scratches, breakage, or distortion during transportation.
We sincerely thank you!