About Us

AN TRAN PLASTIC (AN TRAN PLASTIC) is a service brand of An Tran Production Investment Co., Ltd., specializing in the field of mold manufacturing and plastic injection processing, technical plastic parts used in industry and household appliances. , health care, automobile and motorbike parts with specific services:
  • Consulting, design and manufacturing of plastic molds
  • Household plastic injection processing: household appliances, pipe accessories,…
  • Industrial plastic injection processing: plastic drawstrings, containers, plastic pallets…
  • Technical plastic injection processing: electronic components, spare parts and accessories…
  • Plastic processing as required.

AN TRAN PLASTIC is equipped with a synchronous and modern system of factories, production lines, and equipment imported from the US, Western European countries, Japan and some newly industrialized countries (NICs) with mechanical qualifications. Relatively high level of globalization and automation. Products are manufactured from different plastic raw materials such as: PVC, ABS, PP, PA, HDPE, PS, PET… There are also a variety of sizes and colors.

✓ Fast, accurate, durable and beautiful over time.
✓ Modern equipment and machinery system, skilled technical team.
✓ Imported raw materials have adequate CO/CQ
✔ All products are guaranteed to be strictly tested before being shipped to customers.
✓ Reasonable price, guaranteed delivery schedule.
✔ In particular, the product was successfully exported to the US, Japan and Europe
Inheriting more than 10 years of experience in operating and developing the company’s helmet industry, AN TRAN PLASTIC SERVICE BRAND aspires to become one of the leading brands in the field of mold manufacturing and product processing. High quality customized plastic products in the city. Ho Chi Minh in particular and Vietnam in general.

With tireless efforts and a creative and innovative spirit, the AN TRAN PLASTIC team always tries its best to bring the highest value to customers and the community.
Maintain growth rate, maximize domestic customers, expand export markets, continue to invest in new modern equipment and automation to maximize quality and output.
Invest in resource development, training, recruitment with incentive policies to create good human resources to serve management and customer care.
Diversifying business activities, along with developing the production of key products and services, AN TRAN PLASTIC aims to expand the trade of products serving the plastic manufacturing and plastic mold processing industries.
“Confirming the position of the AN TRAN PLASTIC brand in the field of Plastic Processing and Plastic Molds in domestic and international markets.”
    With the goal of being in the top 10 leading Plastic Processing and Plastic Mold Units in Vietnam, AN TRAN PLASTIC will shine a brand associated with: responsive capacity, high quality, advanced technology, and attentive after-sales service. unique.
    Customers are always the focus in policy and strategy planning. AN TRAN PLASTIC always strives to satisfy customers with perfect quality and service.
    Research and development to increase value in AN TRAN PLASTIC’s operations with the aim of maximizing the benefits of relevant parties.
AN TRAN PLASTIC always creates a favorable environment for all individuals to maximize their abilities.
AN TRAN PLASTIC promotes knowledge development, encourages new ideas and implements innovative applications.
AN TRAN PLASTIC is committed to combining product and service quality, ensuring production safety with responsibility for protecting the environment and community.

http://antranplastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ve-chung-toi.pngMODERN MACHINERY, STRICT PROCESSES

With a system of advanced and modern production and processing machinery and equipment lines, carried out by a team of experienced, qualified and highly skilled technicians. All products must go through a strict inspection process before being shipped.

http://antranplastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ve-chung-toi-1.png DIVERSE INGREDIENTS, CLEAR ORIGIN

Manufactured from different plastic raw materials such as: PVC, ABS, PP, PA, HDPE, PS, PET… ensuring quality and clear origin.

http://antranplastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ve-chung-toi-2.pngQUALITY, REPUTABLE PRODUCTS AT GOOD PRICES

Injection plastic products are used by many partners and businesses in provinces and cities in general and in the city. HCM in particular highly appreciates the quality, possesses extremely reasonable prices and fast and on-time delivery times, creating a lasting reputation.

AN TRAN PLASTIC has many years of experience in processing and manufacturing plastic products on demand, processing large quantities to meet all orders, good prices, delivery nationwide, quickly, to your door.

Factory address: 122 Hamlet 1, Xuan Thoi Thuong Commune, Hoc Mon District, City. HCM
Phone: 028 6265 7489 – 028 6260 4217
Email: ads.antranplastic@gmail.com
Hotline 24/7: 0901 819 950 / 1900 9232
Zalo: 0901 819 950