What is Primary Plastic? Characteristics of Each Type

Products made from virgin plastic are very commonly used around us. Plastic comes in many types with different properties to suit the intended use. And the highlight is virgin plastic with outstanding properties.
Primary plastics – Characteristics and applications in life
  1. PP virgin plastic beads
  2. PA virgin plastic beads
  3. ABS virgin plastic beads

1. What is primary plastic?

Primary plastic is a type of plastic granule produced from the fractional distillation of petroleum. Unused virgin plastic beads, not mixed with impurities and no additives. Primary plastic beads are naturally white, and when put into use, different coloring beads can be mixed to get the desired color.
The general characteristics of primary plastic are flexibility, good elasticity, and resistance to warping and pressure. However, each type of virgin plastic has different unique characteristics.
Let’s learn more about primary plastics in section 3!

2. Products are made from virgin plastic

Thanks to its superior properties, virgin plastic is used in many different products. And often, virgin plastic is used to produce high-end products such as parts in the machinery and equipment industry, medical products, children’s toy products,…
Children’s toys: Primary plastic beads are “pure” plastics that do not contain impurities and are not mixed with additives. Therefore, using virgin plastic to make children’s toys will bring products of outstanding quality, especially safe and friendly to children. Some high-end toy products are made from virgin plastic such as: baby slides, children’s electric cars, smart toys

Primary plastic
Medical equipment: Similar to the children’s toy industry, medical equipment also needs to be made from durable, safe and friendly materials. Some medical equipment is made from virgin plastic such as: dental equipment, surgical instruments, tubes, bottles,…
Details in machinery and equipment: Thanks to its durable properties, good elasticity, and ability to withstand great pressure, primary plastic is often used to produce details such as boxes, gears, cranks, etc. .
Car and aircraft components: Thanks to its light weight and high durability, virgin plastic is also commonly used in the car and aircraft manufacturing industry.

3. Some of the most popular types of primary plastics

1. PP virgin plastic beads

PP plastic (abbreviation for Polypropylene) is a polymer that is a product of Propylene polymerization.
Characteristics of PP virgin plastic:
  • PP plastic beads are colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. When producing products from PP plastic beads, manufacturers mix additional coloring beads to create finished products with more eye-catching colors.
  • PP virgin plastic is highly durable, quite hard, and does not stretch. PP plastic has the highest heat resistance among all plastics, they can withstand temperatures from 1300C – 1700C.
  • When burned, PP plastic pellets will have a light blue flame, have a flexible flow and smell similar to rubber. Therefore, when roasting products made from PP plastic in the microwave, you should only roast for 2-3 minutes, not too long.


PP virgin plastic
Applications of PP virgin plastic:

PP plastic is a safe and friendly plastic, so PP plastic is extremely popular. Below are some applications of PP plastic:

  • PP virgin plastic is used to produce common products such as: baby toys, food containers, baby bottles,…
  • PP plastic is used to produce high quality items, industrial parts, valves, battery covers, household electrical appliances…
  • PP plastic is used to produce plastic parts in motorbikes, cars, electronics, tables and chairs and other large-sized products..
  • PP plastic is used for medical packaging, food packaging, injection syringes, special products for food, is odorless and has a high surface gloss.

2. PA virgin plastic beads

PA plastic (short for Polyamide) is a type of polymer that occurs both naturally and artificially. PA primary plastic is one of the most commonly used plastics today, because it has superior properties.
Characteristics of PA virgin plastic:
  • PA plastic is extremely impact resistant and has high chemical resistance.
  • Resistant to low temperatures and good electrical insulation
  • High melting temperature, good heat resistance and self-lubricating properties.
  • Good moisture resistance, good abrasion resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Safe for food
  • Good durability in organic solvents

Primary plastic PA
Applications of PA plastic:
  • Polyamide plastic in the car manufacturing industry: Fuel filter, fuel filter, engine oil tank, engine block cover, radiator tank, balancing gear.
  • PA (Polyamide) plastic used in the electrical and electronic industry: Manufacturing semiconductor pots, electric vacuum cleaners, high-heating machines;
  • PA plastic (Polyamide), used to make plastic bags, raincoats…

3. ABS virgin plastic beads

ABS plastic’s full name is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, with the chemical formula (C8H8· C4H6·C3H3N)n. ABS plastic pellets are one of the primary plastic pellets and most popular with consumers on the market today.

Characteristics of ABS virgin plastic
  • ABS plastic is very hard, but not brittle, and has good impact resistance.
  • ABS virgin plastic is insulating, waterproof, resistant to temperature and chemicals, so it does not deform the product.
Application of ABS virgin plastic
  • Toys: In addition to PP plastic, ABS plastic is one of two types of plastic allowed to be used to make toys for children. Toys made from ABS plastic are safe for children, do not have an unpleasant plastic smell, are durable, and do not discolor.
  • Electronics: With superior insulating properties, ABS virgin plastic is used to make equipment casings, some accessories, and insulating devices such as electrical outlet covers, electrical panels, etc.
  • Household appliances: With its solid properties, ABS plastic is used to make the shell of blender, juicer,…
  • Automobile and motorbike industry: Making some machine parts for cars and motorbikes.
  • Packaging industry: With high mechanical strength and high hardness, ABS plastic can be used to make containers, special packaging, helmets,…
  • Construction materials: Applied in the production of water pipes, pipes, etc.

4. Frequently asked questions

1. Are toys made from virgin plastic good?

Children’s toys made from virgin plastic are very good because they are non-toxic and safe for children. When buying toys for children, parents should choose products made from virgin plastic.

2. Is virgin plastic toxic?

Primary plastic is considered “pure” plastic and is very safe, because virgin plastic is not mixed with impurities and additives.


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